South County Athletic Association (SCAA) has youth sports programs in the Lorton / Springfield VA area for football, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, wresting, volleyball, and track.
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Mission Statement, Philosophies, Objectives, Time Commitments, and Monetary Commitments

Welcome!  I found wrestling as a freshman in high school.  It was mentally and physically challenging, and taught me how to work harder than I ever had.  As Dan Gable, college and Olympic wrestling champion as well as coach of champions, said, “after wrestling, everything else is easy.”  I had to balance the hard training with my schooling.   I learned about mental toughness, superior balance, leverage and physics. It is something I came to love and carried it over to wrestling in the NCAA while at York College of PA.  I am proud to say after 13 years of coaching other wrestlers, my own son told me he wanted to wrestle.  He has wrestled for 2 winters and completed a summer camp and learned the challenges and rewards of the sport.  Hopefully after wrestling with your options, you choose to embark on this journey with us!


What is the sport like?  Two athletes compete against each other to score points or pin the other's shoulder blades to the mat.  You score points by taking down your opponent, exposing their shoulder blades to the mat, or escaping from your opponent.  It is a sport of control, strategy, and balance.  It is a sport that both males and females can compete at all the way to the Olympic levels!

Mission = Our goal for each athlete and family is to build a core of values that will remain and grow with each child and family throughout their lives.  We want to build the values of trust, commitment, intensity, toughness, and comradery.  We expect that these values translate to all aspects of their lives and influence their behaviors in a positive and constructive manner.


  1. A core of values is the most important aspect of building a life around education and sports.
  2. All coaches, officials, volunteers, athletes, and their families embody and believe in these core values as a positive representative of their families, Colts Wrestling, South County Athletic Association, and the South County community as a whole.
  3. Education and sports are only learned through a commitment of time and patience from the family.  Please attend as many practices, meets, and team activities as possible.  We all have many commitments to balance and the program staff expects a clear line of communication for attendance to practices, meets, and team activities.
  4. Positive and constructive communication are required from program managers, coaches, parents, and athletes.  Communication should be positive and constructive and not negative and inflammatory.  Negative and inflammatory communication does not support the values and relationships necessary to maintain our mission statement.  Please see the communications protocol web page under Colts Wrestling for guidelines on how to communicate on certain issues.  If you are ever in doubt, please contact Commissioner and Head Coach Jeffrey Payne first at  or 703-408-9204.
  5. Families must be committed to help at practices, meets, and team activities.  As for any activity that your child is involved in, the total family supporting and buying in to philosophies is the best way to ensure a valuable and enjoyable experience that will carry over to the foundation of your child’s own values and education.


  1. Build a core of values in each athlete and their families.
  2. Instruct and support an education in competitive sports through practices, meets, and team activities.
  3. Instruct and demonstrate the proper etiquette and sportsmanship necessary to compete in Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation’s wrestling meets.
  4. Instruct, demonstrate, and develop the basic skills necessary to compete at the sport of wrestling.
  5. Encourage athletes to meet their fullest potential as positive athletes, team mates, students, family members, and ambassadors of one of the oldest sports in the world.
  6. Celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of athletes and their families.


Time Commitments: 

SCAA Colt's Wrestling will begin its second season this winter with practices beginning the second week of November and lasting through the end of February.  We will begin Monday November 13 with practices.  Practices will be held twice a week for each group at South County High School's wrestling room.  The athletes will be assigned a group once registration is complete and they will then practice Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  There are 25 practices total.

SCAA Colts Wrestling Practices:

Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:30-8:00 PM (IF registration numbers are under 32)

*****If registration numbers are around 40 participants, we will have alternating practice nights

Mondays/Wednesdays K-4th Grade 6:30-7:30

Tuesdays/Thursdays 5th-8th Grade 6:30-7:45**********

Meets will be on Sundays beginning December 11.  There will be 8 tournaments they can participate in and then a finals tournament at the end of February.

There will be some breaks from tournaments such as Sunday, December 24 and Sunday, December 31.  There will be breaks from practices such as during the week of November 22-24 and optional practices over FCPS winter holidays.  We will follow the FCPS schedule most days.


Eligibility  born between: 01/01/2003 and 12/31/2012
NVWF is open to wrestlers ages 5 - 14.  They must be in Kindergarten this school year and no older than 8th grade. Wrestlers' age groups are determined by year of birth.    
Projected (will be finalized at the end of September)
2017-2018 Season
Age Groups

Division             Birth Year
Bantam          (2011-2012)
Midget            (2009-2010)
Junior             (2007-2008)
Intermediate  (2005-2006)
Senior            (2003-2004)


Meet locations will vary all over Northern Virginia and the schedule will be posted and communicated with you once it is approved and finalized by the league in the fall.  Meets have ranged from Loudon County, primarily across Fairfax County, and as far south as Northern Stafford County.  Normal meets are designed to match up athletes based on age, weight, and experience to allow them to compete in at least three individual matches and hone their skills.  The Regional is designed as a competitive full scale tournament in which athletes will compete to earn a medal and placement against other competitors.

Season-end Finale Tournament Requirements:

Wrestlers are generally required to participate in a minimum number of tournaments throughout the season to qualify for the final tournament based on NVWF Bylaws and club votes at seasonal board meetings. In season 2016-17 the requirements were one half the total number plus one (so...5 meets).

Monetary Commitments:

Registration is $160 which includes payment to the NVWF league, USA wrestling insurance, team practice shirt, and program fees.

Wrestling singlet (one piece uniform) will be approximately $65 and will only need to be purchased once during their youth wrestling career with SCAA.  If they grow out of it, they can purchase a new one, or communicate with other families to trade or buy each other’s.

Wrestling shoes range in price from $35 for a youth pair to over $100.  The coaching staff recommends a more cost affordable youth pair for first time wrestlers.

Wresting head gear to protect the athlete’s ears, this is required in meets, which ranges in cost from $15 to $40.  Once again, the coaching staff recommends a more affordable head gear for first time wrestlers.

TOTAL is approximately $160 (registration)**+$65 (singlet)**+$35 (shoes)+$15(headgear)  = $275

** = mandatory to be purchased through SCAA

Team Spirit wear, other than the singlet, is optional and available on the spirit wear page.